WordPress SEO Course

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents

This course has not yet been approved by the State's Department of Education. Please contact us to get an update as to when the class should be available in New Hampshire.


This course will give you an understanding on the advanced functions of SEO in WordPress. It will cover a base understanding of how WordPress handles SEO thru utilizing basic and advanced plugins to extent SEO. It will also give you an understanding of reporting and analytics for both paid and analytics through the WordPress dashboard.
Knowledge of WordPress Administration

Course Outline

Section 1. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization
Organic vs. Paid SEO
Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL

Section 2. WordPress and SEO

Introduction to WordPress SEO
Base Configuration of SEO in WordPress
HTML Title and Header Tags
Content Area and Relevance

Section 3. Extending SEO with Yoast SEO

Installing the Yoast SEO Plugin
Optimizing the Yoast SEO Settings
Manual vs. Automatic Page Settings
Settings up Keyword Analysis
Page Optimization with Yoast SEO Reporting Tools
Yoast SEO and XML Sitemap

Section 4. Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics
Installing the Google Analytics Plugin
Analytics and the WordPress Dashboard

Section 5. Extending SEO with All In One SEO Pack Plugin

Introduction to the All In One SEO Pack Plugin
Installing the All In One SEO Pack Plugin
Optimizing the All In One SEO Pack Pluginiting!